How to hang your banner

Vinyl banners are an excellent marketing tool that allow you to show off your product or advertise your business. They are also a great way to spruce up your space, both indoors and outside, and are often used for special occasions to celebrate. Where you choose to display your banner can have a great impact on how much attention it grabs and may mean the difference between successful marketing or a huge disappointment. Hanging your banner in a meaningful way requires you to take some important information into consideration but doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a few simple accessories and possibly a small tool or two, you can show off your bright new banner for all to see.

Most banners will be made with either grommets or pole pockets, though some may have neither option. This will be the most important factor when deciding how and where to hang your banner. Other important factors include size and weight of the banner, surface material the banner is being hung from, material of the banner itself and whether the banner will be inside or outside.

Grommets are pre-made, reinforced holes designed into your banner. They are specially made to ensure that the banner can be hung without ripping or tearing of the material and are typically fashioned in the corners or along the edges of the banner. Most banners that have grommets will have several, allowing you to attach to the banner in multiple spots for sturdy and even hanging. These grommets allow you to hang your banner with a variety of implements for greater versatility and easier placement.

Some of the items you can use to hang your banner with grommets include bungee cords, zip ties, nylon rope, hanging clips and suctions cups and hooks. Some of these options may be better than others depending on the weight, size and fabric of your banner. For example, suction cups and hooks are a great option for lightweight banners that are being hung from a non-porous surface but obviously wouldn’t hang a heavy banner from a textured wall or wood beam since the suction wouldn’t work. Bungee cords are strong and sturdy for large, heavy banners but may be a little unsightly for a formal event while nylon rope may provide some flexibility in hanging.

Rope, metal chains and even fishing line are some other creative options for hanging your banner, especially in a pinch. Using posts and screws provides you with another option. If your banner has grommets, use your imagination and use whatever supplies you have on hand to get your banner on display.

Pole pockets are exactly what they sound like: pockets sewn into the sides of your banner for use with a pole for display. Generally the pockets will be on the side of your banner but occasionally will be at the top and bottom of the banner. Your banner may have a single pole pocket or two, depending on how it’s made. Use these pockets to hang your banner on a flagpole or a small post for sturdy display. Pole pockets are a popular option for outdoor display, allowing you to hang your banner high and proud and catch the attention of those passing by. These outdoor banners are a great way to attract new business and let your existing customers know where to find you with ease.

Other ways to hang a banner when there are no grommets or pole pockets include velcro and magnets. These methods are better for lightweight banners and work well when attaching your banner directly to a wall or hanging it from a table. The larger and heavier your banner, the more velcro or stronger of magnets you will need. At some point, a banner will be too heavy for these hanging methods and you may have to look into adding grommets yourself.

For smaller lightweight banners, tape may also be an option, though this heavily depends on where you plan to hang it. Tape often doesn’t adhere well to porous surfaces and under certain conditions, which could leave your banner dangling or even cause it to fall down. Heavy-duty tape on flat, smooth surfaces may work well for short-term hanging indoors.